As dance is a reflection of our culture, the ways in which we celebrate life is through movement, in community. The power of a dance community intermingling with another dance community is that dance creates conversations that link and build on each other as people engage with various groups, ‘cross pollinate ideas and discover new insights into the issues that are most important in their life, work or community’.
- Peter Block in Community: The structure of belonging

The program will include a range of exciting real time and pre-recorded virtual activities from July 10 to 15, with focused virtual gatherings in the spirit of Dancing into Communities:

  • Dance workshops of various styles for all delegates   

  • Children and youth performances from around the world

  • Creative gatherings for children and youth from various cultures to collectively choreograph a dance to be performed

  • Scholarly gatherings which include research papers, panels, posters, lecture/demonstrations, movement workshops and discussions after each

  • Twinning projects that pair groups of children to learn and share dance, leading to a performance

  • Opening and closing ceremonies, which include dance performances

There will also be full access to all of the sessions for a few months after the conference ends.