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daCi and the 2022 virtual conference

The first Dance and the Child Conference was held in 1978 in Edmonton, Canada. In 1982 in Sweden, Dance and the Child International (daCi) was established as a non-profit organisation dedicated to the growth and development of dance for children on an international basis.  daCi is founded on the belief that every young person should have equal access and opportunity to dance regardless of ethnic, gender and cultural identity. As such, one aim of daCi is to recognize and develop dance for young people, in respect of the ethnic, gender and cultural identities of each young person within a spirit of understanding. Additionally, the inclusion of dance in general education and community programs and the research into all aspects of dance for children and young people are encouraged. For more information on dance and the Child international, go to www.daci.international.
Dance is pervasive in all our cultures. Aided by the technologies of today, children, adolescents and adults can share their own dances and witness the dances of others in many ways, going far beyond their own communities. At the daCi 2022 virtual conference, we add the potential for observing, performing and creating dances together, establishing new communities, discovering new insights and forming connections that were previously unknown.

The daCi 2022 Virtual Conference will:


  • Focus on interactions amongst diverse communities;

  • Foster intergenerational dance opportunities;

  • Create partnerships and promote ongoing community conversations before, during and after the conference;

  • Focus on children’s and young people’s creativity, respecting and giving them ownership of the outcome;

  • Share and discuss research related to teaching, learning, and the role of the body in creative practice;

  • Facilitate connections among dancers, choreographers, teachers and researchers.